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The Lock Pros Inc re-keys and installs residential locks.

Residential Lock and Other Security Services

Our Residential Services include lock re-keying, lock repair and installation of new locks in your home. The re-keying service is especially important to those who have recently purchased a home with previous owners. Locks in your home can be repaired or replaced to improve your home security. Call The Lock Pros to hire a residential locksmith in the Naperville area.


The Lock Pros works on almost all types of residential locks. Knob locks, dead bolt locks, handle locks, jimmy proof locks, window locks, patio door locks. We can provide replacement locks for Schlage, Kwikset, Weslock, Weiser, Arrow, and many others.


Have you moved into your new home recently or do suspect someone may have a key to your house? Has there been workman in your home that may have made a copy of your key? In most cases we can simply re-key the existing locks you have. We can also set up a master key system restricting access given to housekeepers, workmen or nannies access to one door. When key changes are needed, only one door will need to be re-keyed. Your key stays the same and continues to work the whole house.

The Lock Pros Inc installs keypad devices.KEYPAD LOCKS

We also sell and install keypad locks. These locks solve the problem of kids losing their key. The code can easily be changed by the owner. They come in both dead bolt and latch lock models.


Do you have dead bolt locks now? Adding dead bolt locks to your house will greatly enhance the security in your home. The Lock Pros sells and installs standard and high quality dead bolt locks. Did you know in most municipalities if you have a dead bolt lock with key operation on the inside of the house, it is against building codes? This type of lock will need to be replaced to meet current codes.


The Lock Pros also offers high security locks by Medeco and Schlage. These locks are virtually pick proof and bump proof. The keys cannot be duplicated without your permission.


Do you need a high quality safe in your home? We can provide you with real quality safes that can stand up to attack. These are not the safes you see in the big box stores. They can be fitted with keypad or standard dial locks.


The Lock Pros sells and installs window bars for basement applications.

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